Automotive Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys Cut in Surrey

Transponder keys for GM, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, VW,Mazda,Audi,Hyundai,Cadillac

Transponder keys for any make or model of car or truck.

Transponder keys for most makes and models of cars or trucks.

Transponder keys contain an electronic chip that allows you to start the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers put chips into their keys to prevent vehicle theft. If you have a worn chip key or only one key, you should get another key cut immediately.  If you lose your only key, it will be very inconvenient, time consuming and expensive to get a key made.

If the shell of your transponder key/remote is broken, bring it in. Depending on your vehicle, we may be able to replace the shell. Our expert Locksmiths can cut and program a new transponder key in a few minutes for most vehicles.

A backup or a second transponder key is a MUST.

Without a second transponder key there will be nothing to duplicate if you lose yours. Don’t let this happen to you!

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