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Trust Us For Door Repair And Replacement In Surrey, BC

At Maximum Lock & Security we pride ourselves on delivering customer friendly services at affordable prices. We know that you want to secure a safer environment for your employees or clients and our team wants to help you do so. One way we can help is through door repair and replacement. Surrey, BC businesses should never operate with a degrading or broken door. It makes your company an easy target for potential intruders. We work on aluminum and steel doors that have been damaged due to wear and tear and forced entry. We can also replace worn pivots or hinges further securing a safe environment on your premises.


High Quality Service Since 1984

Maximum Lock & Security has been in business since 1984. In our nearly forty years of service, we have learned how to provide unparalleled customer support to our valued clients. Most importantly, we have mastered the ins and outs of security – especially when it comes to locks, keys and doors. Commercial and industrial steel and aluminum doors are our specialties, therefore we do not want you to wait until forced entry to call us.

Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers have improved their production of steel and aluminum doors over the years. Today, a new door will be much more energy efficient, offering cost savings for your business in the process.

Better Security

Manufacturers have perfected energy efficiency methods, but they have also improved the security of their doors. From automated locking systems to keypad door locks. Technological advancements can only be a benefit.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make a big difference in drawing customers to your premises or place of business. A haggard or broken door doesn’t promote good curb appeal and a brand new door promotes safety, but a brand-new one will demonstrate that you are a business to take seriously.


There are more options available to you than ever before. These customization alternatives allow you to create a steel or aluminum door that works for your business. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we can offer a world of possibilities.

We Also Offer High Quality Repairs

Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to replace a door, as we also offer repairs. One of our strongest attributes is our honesty. We are committed to providing the best services possible to our clients and that means offering honest advice. If your door does not need to be replaced, then we will not recommend it. Instead, we will offer options for repairs. Contact Maximum Lock & Security today and learn why customers throughout the area trust us above all else.

Need A Safe? Call Us To Find You The Right One