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Expert Gun Safe Designs From Maximum Lock & Security For Ultimate Firearm Safety

A gun safe is a strongly secured cabinet or box-style enclosure with professional locks for safely storing one or multiple firearms. Ammunition for these guns may also be secured in a locked compartment of the same safe. Firearm safes are designed to prevent gun access to individuals who are not authorized, or not qualified to handle or use these firearms. Secured safes also provide good burglary and or fire protection and are important for preventing gun damage due to floods, fires or natural disasters. Maximum Lock & Security offers different sizes and configurations and they can be secured with a wide variety of lock styles.

side by side image of black gun safe with dial and opened

Modern Safe Models And Features For Ensuring Gun Security

Firearm safes or metal gun cabinets and gun locks are now legal requirements for gun owners to prevent unauthorized gun access in many global locations, including Canada. These safes must have steel or strong composite construction to ensure burglary and fire protection. Electronic locks or mechanical locks can be used on many safe designs. Some mechanical combination safe locks also have key locks as an extra safety measure. These key locks secure the dial of the combination lock so that it cannot be turned during an attempt at unauthorized safe entry. Other safe models have live locking bolt capacity and pry-preventive metal to strengthen their levels of content security. Digital locks are also popular now. Vault doors are produced for creating walk-in vaults or safes in a room or gun armory in private homes.

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