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Master Key Systems In Surrey, BC

Maximum Lock & Security is an experienced and well regarded Locksmith company serving Surrey, BC and the surrounding communities. Master Key Systems is one of our specialties. We can create and implement a unique-to-your-property Master Key System designed to fit your needs and suit your premises. A Master Key System is perfect for businesses with different rooms that have varying levels of access and responsibilities attached to them. With a Master Key System, you will be able to control the number of keys in circulation to your team members, enabling better security and easy management.

Master Key

The Benefits Of Installing A Master Key System

At Maximum Lock & Security we work hard to implement solutions at your business that make sense for you and many companies need the services we can provide. The primary benefit of a Master Key System, is it restricts access to certain areas of your business, thereby improving security. Other benefits are:


Using different keys to enter and exit all the various doors of your building can be confusing and time consuming. A Master Key System, while using multiple entry keys, will be much more streamlined and organized.

Higher Level Of Control

Master Key Systems make duplicating keys much more difficult, which is one of the primary benefits of the system. It can help you keep track of how many keys are in circulation, who has them and giving you unparalleled access to your building’s security apparatus.

We Can Expand On Master Key Systems

Not only can we install a new Master Key System, but our team can also expand on an existing one. Our team is skilled at identifying where your Master Key System can be improved and implementing the improvements, one step at a time. Whether you require a new system or an expansion on an existing one, you can count on unparalleled customer service and professionalism from our team.

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