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Reasons To Check Out Maximum Lock & Security When You Need A Padlock

  1. At Maximum Lock, we have a wide variety of padlocks.  We probably have what you need in stock right now.
  2. We are padlock ‘experts’. We can assist with your padlock needs and assist in finding you the right padlock for any application.
  3. We service what we sell and have key blanks available for additional duplicate keys, if needed.
  4. We stock many different padlocks in ‘keyed alike’ groups. What this means, is that if you need 3 or 6 or 20 padlocks that all work on the same key, in most cases we will have them on the shelf. If you need additional padlocks in the same ‘keyed alike’ group, we will have the padlocks.
  5. We also have a large number of padlocks that will accept Weiser, Schlage, Corbin, Sargent, Mul-T-Lock, Assa or various other cylinders. What this means, is that we can provide padlocks that will work on the same key as your house or business.
  6. We stock many rekeyable padlocks. We also master key padlocks.
  7. We service padlocks and can freely offer advice to our customers in terms of how they can maintain their padlocks.
  8. We also stock padlocks that have hardened cylinder protection to prevent drilling. We also stock padlocks with cylinder guards. We stock weather resistant padlocks.
  9. We stock bolt cutter-proof chains. This is ideal for protecting boats, motorbikes or any kind of equipment and fence gates. We can provide the length that you need on the spot.
  10. We stock a lot of discus style padlocks whether they be Abus or similar products.
  11. We stock heavy duty hasps and large ‘truck mount’ hasps that are used in conjunction with puck locks that can be installed on work/tradesmen’s vehicles.
  12. We are experts at removing padlocks. Whether it be at our shop or by our mobile service, we can remove padlocks in cases where the key is lost or the lock is broken.
  13. We stock a large range of padlock brands. We only sell brands that we have confidence in.

Need A Safe? Call Us To Find You The Right One