Safes for Home & Business in BC & AB

Safes for Home or Business, BC & AB

Home safes, office safes, fire safes, or a safe for your guns, cash or jewelry. We ship combination and electronic safes made by the best manufacturers throughout BC & AB

As safe experts with decades of experience, we can recommend the best protection for your home, business or guns.

Protect your valuables, cash, guns, gold, documents and family heirlooms from burglary and fire.

Choosing the right safe for your needs is critical. Our highly trained experts will help you choose the best safe for your home or business.
Safes are rated for the threat they protect against and how long they can resist. Don’t make the mistake many people make of buying a cheap safe from a big box store and expect it to protect against burglary. A cheap safe can be breached in seconds.

Visit Maximum Lock & Security’s well stocked showroom, or call and speak with one of our experts who can assess your needs and offer the best protection from burglary, break-ins, fire, armed robbery or employee theft.

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We carry the best new and used safes from:

Chubb, American Security, Centurion, Diebold, Mutual, Drummond, Adesco, Inkas, Allied Gary, Independent, Cash Guard, Excellent, BIS, Bumil, MGM, Eagle, Bernadini, Tann.

We Ship New and Used Safes for home or business throughout BC & AB.

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