Data Safes

For protecting computer media, negatives and films by utilizing a second layer of protection.

Your media is protected against sprinklers, water and humidity

Meets 125°, 1-hour specification for insulated record protection

 Model ML BDS-610

Outside     H24″, W 17.7″, D 18.1″
Inside        H12.4″, W 8.5″, D 7.8″
Weight       216 lbs
Shelf          1

 Model ML BDS-880D

Outside      H 34.7″, W 23.2″, D 20″
Inside         H 21.8″, W 13.1″, D 9.5″
Weight        457 lbs
Shelf           2

Model ML

Outside       H 39.4″, W 23.6″, D 21″
Inside          H 26.1″, W 13.1″, D 9.6″
Weight         541 lbs
Shelf            3



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